Thursday, February 22, 2007

Shoes + le Metro

I've finally had a chance to sit down at the office and use a computer without feeling like I have 10 people waiting for me to finish. I've tried several different ways to use wireless in my apartment but ultimately failed. Oh well, I'll just have to get used to not having internet access whenever I want. I wrote a really comprehensive post and saved it on MS word but didn't bring my laptop here to post it so this blog may end up being out of order but whatev.

Anyway, here is a pretty hilarious experience I had the other night:

To preface this, my body is not used to doing so much walking, thus my feet swell by the end of the day (and my lower back/hips hurt, isn't that sad?) So when it came time for Anna and I to meet our friend Dane (who lives 1 metro stop away and meets us at our place to go out and meet the others) and I tried to put on my schnazzy black boots, they didn't fit, so I wore my black pumps that I got for the gala a few weeks ago. Being as I usually don't wear heels, I was a little uncomfortable walking long distances but it was ok. We met a few other people with whom we were going out and went to a bar that has 2.50 euro "shooters" (ha) and had a few. Then, since the metro closes at 12:30 am, we had to run and take the RER (faster metro) to make it to our next destination (an Irish bar that is the favorite of another student, Emily, who has studied before in Paris). This is when I lost my shoe. Unlike the regular metro, the RER train has a bit of a void between the platform and the train step. Since we were all rushing to hop on, I tripped a little and my right shoe fell off and down into the abyss. At first I didn't believe that it really happened, and then I wondered what I was going to do about it since we were planning on doing more walking between the metro and the bar. After laughing hysterically about it with everyone, we decided that my best bet was to put something over my stocking-ed foot, and Anna saved the day and gave me one of her pink gloves to wear on it, and I did. One of the other girls took a picture of it, but you will have to wait and see to get the full effect. Not only did I wear the glove on my foot, but I proceeded to race through the metro with everyone else, it was quite a feat. I kind of felt like the guy in that movie Rudy or something where the main character faces a challenge and then ultimatley prevails. Everyone else I was with was very helpful and the guys even offered to carry me but I refused as I don' t think they would have been able to. I think that shoe had a weird aura or something because it's the same one that I ruined the tip of after tripping on the sidewalk in Baltimore after the gala. I think I'll save the other shoe for a memory of the ridiculous event.

In other news, yesterday we went to the Louvre, since we all received year-long student passes (so we can go whenever we want). I was very hungry and a bit tired and didn't really enjoy the time we spent there (only about an hour so we could see the "main events" Venus de Milo and the Mona Lisa). I was not very impressed, maybe because I prefere historical artifacts to old art? I don't know. I'm sure I'll enjoy it more when I go back again.

After the Louvre, I had the greatest sandwich au jambon (ham and butter on a baguette). The bread was so fresh I wanted to yell about it. I probably shouldn't eat that sandwich every day. It's funny though because basically its just all baguette with like 2 thin slices of ham and some butter. They don't put a lot of meat on their sandwiches here. I have yet to have a great pastry, maybe this afternoon I will partake.

It's been fun getting to know the people in my program, and I can tell it's going to be a fun semester. I'm excited for Sunday-Tues when my parents will be here though. Louise wants to meet them and invited them for dinner, but I don't think we will do that (the dinner). I've been very frustrated with her since she speaks French very very fast and is not really that nice about it that I can't express myself/understand her that well. Last night she kept questioning me about why I don't like pork or fish or other meats and I kept telling her that I just don't. What's not to understand about that? I don't mind trying some other meats but I really just get grossed out when it's something I'm not used to (such as pate, goose liver, that I had to try a bit of last night, I hated it and was mad that I had to try it). We did, however have a pizza-like thing that had great cheese and bacon on it from Alscace (?). It was a german word that I forget. I know that my French will get better but it's annoying to not be able to communicate very well with my "host mom." Anna is a lot better at it than I (she is a French major) which is good because she can help me/find things out for us but it's a little sad for me because it makes me look a little dumb. Oh well. I'm getting used to my mexican-blanket bed and it's become quite comfortable. Did I mention that it's a futon (I think)? I finally unpacked 2 days ago and I feel better about my room. I can't wait to put some pics up (will do this weekend when I can bring my laptop to the office).

That's all for now. Thank you all for your lovely e-mails.


ChristLovesBeans said...

A, what is "the office"? I think thats funny that you didn't explain the term.

I basically screamed at the top of my lungs hearing your stories. not even just the shoe one (because that one made me squeal) but all of them! I can't believe that she kept asking you about meats and you just said "i just don't" and I love that you were angry that you had to eat goose liver. DEB AND ERIC AR COMING?!?!?!?! how exciting for you, a great thing because its like hi i just got here and love that comforting thing. i miss you so much that i want to scream. i cant imagine you going out with other people. especially becasue i dont know them. do you love it?!? e-mail me with some responses. love

Sara's brother Sam said...

Yeah sou, touring le france with one shoe! Im a little disappointed you did not encouter any chiens to pet. i made a blog but im not gonna use it, its just for me to leave you pointless comments!

ChristLovesBeans said...

Just so you know, Christ, Heather and I read your blog aloud in your living room. I totally miss you, and feel like you should be here-- like we're reading someone else's blog you know? Ahh. P.S. you need my email--

Love love love,

Lizy said...

Most people have some good story for their

..nice posting yaar..keep posting..